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My Little Sweetie is a small, home based rabbitry in the heart of Northern California. Our rabbits are exceptionally cared for and loved. They are well socialized and used to people, children, and other animals. We raise show quality English Lops and have a few litters throughout the year. Our rabbits' happiness is very important to us.

A Bunny for you?

You can see pictures and information about Our English Lops and Litters on this site.  You may contact us by email if you are interested in purchasing one of our rabbits.  Please, read through our Rabbit Care Guide for information on how to house, feed, and care for your bunny. 

 We are happy to answer any questions you may have about rabbits, and look forward to hearing from you.

Knowledge and Expertise:

With over 35 years of experience raising rabbits, we know how important proper husbandry is and how to best care for our rabbits.  Where we live, the weather can be extreme, especially during the Summer.  We take pride in our ability to keep our rabbits healthy and happy year round.  

At MLS Rabbitry, we practice biosecurity, environmental and predator safety, and health managment specific to rabbits and the risks they face.  Our rabbits eat premium rabbit feed, plentiful grass hay, and get lots of herbs and greens.  They have toys to play with, Willow branches to chew on, fresh air, and a beautiful view!

  • ARBA member since 2009
  • LRCA member since 2009
  • NCLRC member since 2011
  • Cow Creek 4-H Rabbit Project Leader since 2012

The tan gene creates stunning markings on self colored rabbits called Otter.  Many breeds have black, blue, chocolate, and lilac otter colors.  These colors are some of the most beautiful and it has been our goal to create these colors in purebred English Lops. 

Some say that 3 generations is all you need to be purebred, but our idea of "purebred" is more than just how many generations you are away from crossbreeding.  It is when your project rabbits don't just meet the minimum requirements for the show tables, but rather when they have a chance at actually winning on the show tables.

We are very proud that our COD holder group will be presenting Otter Group English Lops to the ARBA Standards Committee for the first time at the 2018 ARBA Convention in West Springfield, Massachusetts.  

Click this link to learn more about our Otter Project.

Home of the Sweetest Bunnies on Earth!

Welcome to My Little Sweetie Rabbitry where we raise the "King of the Fancy", English Lops.  English Lops are well known for their friendly and outgoing personalities, calm temperament, and beautiful long ears. 

Otter group english Lops