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We are located in northern California I will deliver to shows that I am attending for no charge, and I can drive a reasonable distance to meet you if you compensate me for my gas.  Otherwise, I am willing to try to find ground transport with other rabbit people or, for a higher price, with an animal transporter.  Please keep in mind, it is inevitably YOUR responsibility to get your rabbit.  PS. I do not ship rabbits by air.


Everybun wants Somebunny to Love

These babies need loving pet homes

2 black bucks, 2 black does, 1 blue buck, and 1 blue doe

$40 each, Free delivery to Stockton Show



Black Junior Doe

Show Quality

SOLD $100



Black Junior Buck

Show Quality

$100 SOLD

Free Delivery to Convention



Black Junior Buck

DOB 4-21-16

Pet/Brood- stray white hairs, left ear tip damage (see pic)

Sweet boy, champion lines










You can check our Litters page for information on planned breedings, expected litters, and kits.

Pricing Policy

Prices for rabbits vary based upon type.  Types are Show quality, Brood quality, and Pets.  Type is determined by the breed standard of perfection for English Lops as set forth by the ARBA.  Show quality rabbits are free of disqualifications at the time of sale and are rabbits I would be willing to show myself.  When the sale is of a junior rabbit, under the age and weight of being showable, I cannot guarantee that the rabbit will continue to grow into a winning show rabbit.  Show quality babies are judged to be so based upon their heritage and their condition, and type at the time of sale.  A great many things affect the growth and development of your rabbit and there is no way to guarantee that a baby will win on the show tables.  Brood quality rabbits also fit the standard of perfection, but have some kind of aesthetic disqualification making them unable to be shown or are rabbits that have retired from the show tables, but would fit into a breeding program.  Show and brood quality rabbits are sold with a 3 generation pedigree and tattooed prior to sale unless otherwise arranged.  Pet quality rabbits are those not fitting into the standard of perfection well enough to be shown or preferred for breeding.  Pet quality rabbits are by no means inferior and are, like all of my English lops, healthy in body and temperament.  Pets are sold without a pedigree and are generally sold for a lesser price.

Sales Policy

Rabbits will be held for a short time with the payment of a 50% non-refundable holding fee.  If the holding time is to be extended, there may be a small housing charge added to the cost of the rabbit.  If shipping is arranged, the buyer will need to pay for transport and any carriers/equipment that will go with the rabbit unless otherwise arranged.  Frequently ground transportation can be found at a reasonable cost to most destinations. 

Due to the ever-changing growth and development of young kits, the price of a rabbit is subject to change at the seller's discretion.  The seller may also cancel or refuse sale of any rabbit for any reason.  If the seller decides not to sell a rabbit which has been paid for, the buyer will receive a full refund of what they paid for the rabbit.

If a rabbit becomes ill or dies within 7 days of purchase, please contact us immediately.  We will not refund $ or replace your rabbit without seeing the deceased rabbit and acquiring a diagnosis for the cause of death.  Rabbits that become ill or die due to neglect, inadequate care, heat or cold exposure, abuse, animal attack, improper diet, or lack of water will NOT be refunded or replaced. 


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