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My Little Sweetie's Optimus

Grand Champion legs: 7

Cream buck, Sr.


DOB: March 10, 2011

Sire: MLS Lucky Mojo (6 GC legs)

Dam: Elegancia's Elegancia (1 GC leg)

Ears: 25.5 in

Wt: 13 lb 10 oz


3-31/4-1-12  Lop Nationals , Spokane WA

LRCA Nationals: 10th SSB of 18

Lop Specialty: 1st SSB of 18 ! BOSV! 7th GC leg!

12-10/11-11  Red Bluff, CA

Show C: BOV!  BOSB! 5th GC leg!

Lop Specialty: BOV! BOSB! 6th GC leg!

9-3/4-11  Crescent City, CA

Show A, B, D, E: BOSB!  4 GC legs!

This buck is meant for the show tables.  He was just massive!  He had great shoulder and topline with lots of depth and fullness through the midsection, loin, and hindquarters.  His ears are very nice in texture, thickness and length. 

Opi was the best buck ever, and I miss him dearly.  He lived to be 5 1/2 years old, and had a few wives although the one he loved the most was Peaches. 

Stretching Limits Perry Ellis

Grand Champion legs: 14

Blue Tort Senior Doe

DOB: April 16, 2012

Sire: SL Double-Decker

Dam: SL/Johnson's Bella

Perry Ellis was a gorgeous doe.  She was sweet and a good mom although she didn't have but 2 litters for me.  She was the last living rabbit of the few I brought home when Juan passed away.  Now she is in heaven with him. 



My Little Sweetie's Ponderosa

Grand Champion legs: 1

Broken Blue Tort Doe


DOB: August 18, 2012

Sire: MLS Lucky Mojo (6 GC legs) AaBBCcddEe

Dam: MLS Odessa (1 GC leg) aaBBCcddee, brkn

Ears: 25 1/2


12-2012 Red Bluff, CA

Show C BOV! 1st leg!

Pondy is a massive girl weighing in at 11.5 lbs at 5 months old.  She has a beautiful topline and is really wide all the way through the midsection and down into the lower hindquarter.  She would certainly be a winner on the show tables except for damage to her ear and a broken tail :(  She is a wonderful mom and makes beautiful babies!


My Little Sweetie's Peaches n Cream

Grand Champion Legs: 5

Broken Cream Doe, Sr.


Sire: MLS Bailey (5 GC legs)

Dam: FFR Clouseau

DOB: May 5 2010

Ears: 27" x 6"


9-24-11  Grants Pass, OR

Show B: BOB!  GC leg #5!

4-1-11 Pear Blossom, Central Point, OR

Specialty: BOV of 10? 3rd GC Leg!

4-2-11 Show B:  BOV of 10? 4th GC leg!

1-15-11 Santa Rosa, CA

Show A:  BOV! 2nd GC Leg!

12-12-10 Red Bluff, CA

Show D: BOV! 1st GC Leg!


My Little Sweetie's Geneva


Grand Champion legs: 5+

Broken Blue Tortoise Doe

DOB: December 21, 2013

Sire: Elegancia's Keno (9 GC legs)

Dam: MLS Ponderosa (1 GC leg)

Ears: 27 inches

Wt: 13 lbs 5 oz



My Little Sweetie's Stella

Grand Champion legs: 10

Broken Opal Doe


DOB: May 9, 2011

Crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Sept. 12, 2015

Sire: PCR Potato Bug (2 GC legs)

Dam: My Little Sweetie's Leyenda (5 GC legs)

Ears: 27 in

Wt.  13 lb 5 oz


2011 ARBA Convention: 4th Place Broken Intermediate Doe!!!! Class of 25

3-31/4-1-12  Lop Nationals , Spokane WA

LRCA Nationals: 6th BSD of 14?

Lop Specialty: 2nd BSD of 12!

12-10/11-11  Red Bluff, CA

Show B: 1st in class! 7th GC leg!

Show C: BOV! BOB! 8th GC leg!

Lop Specialty: BOV! BOB! 9th GC leg!

Show D: BOV! BOSB! 10th GC leg!

9-17-11  Stockton, CA

Show B: 1st in class of 9? GC leg #6!

9-3/4-11  Crescent City, CA

BOB all 5 shows!!  5 GC legs!

Stella was a stunning doe.  She had everything I could want in an English Lop.  She had a rockin' body AND amazing ears! Stella was a very sweet rabbit who loved to be held and sleep in my arms.



Elegancia's Keno

Grand Champion legs: 9

Solid Black Tortoise Buck

DOB: March 7, 2012

Crossed the Rainbow Bridge Sept. 12, 2015

Sire: Stretching Limits Orange Julius (20+ GC legs)

Dam: MLS Regency (3 GC legs)

Ears: 26 inches


Lops of Luv's Ariel

Grand Champion legs: 11

Solid Blue Doe

DOB: Aug 12, 2011

Sire: PCR Bubba (13 GC legs)

Dam: MLS Isabelle (5 GC legs)

Ears: 26 x 6

Elegancia's Reina De Hielo (Ice Queen)

REW Doe, Sr.

Born February 19, 2013

Crossed the Rainbow Bridge October 23, 2014

Sire: MLS Optimus (7 GC legs) cream

Dam: SL Bananarama - broken cream

Ears: 25 inches

Weight: 14 lbs

Juan and I bred our rabbits, Banana and Opi, at the Santa Rosa show.  Juan was really excited about having a bunch of creams and Opi, being particularly huge, was a great match.  I hadn't had a litter from Opi so I was thrilled as well.  I remember the day he called me to say he had a litter full of creams!  He was so excited.  The next week he called again to tell me his surprise that one of the kits was a REW!  Juan had never had a REW and he was really happy now.  Over the next couple of months he decided to keep all of the babies from that litter.  "They are just fabulous!" He would say, "And the REW is so sweet.   I really think you should have her, Jenn."  In Reno, Juan told me he was going to give me his REW doe, "She is the sweetest rabbit, Jenn.  She should be yours."

Juan became very ill and passed away June 30th, 2013.  After his passing, I was asked by his best friend to help find homes for his beloved English Lops.  That is when I brought this beautiful, sweet REW home.  I named her Reina de Heilo, Juan loved to give his rabbits fancy Hispanic names.  She was unbelievably sweet and had the softest fur I've ever felt.  She always reminded me of Juan.  Reina never had any babies for me, but she was loved and she helped me cope with Juan's death for a time.  Now she is with him, and maybe when he holds her, he is thinking of me.

My Little Sweetie's Desire

Grand Champion legs: 1

Broken Blue Doe, Sr.


Born May 7, 2012

Crossed the Rainbow bridge October 11, 2014

Sire: MLS Buddy (1 GC leg)

Dam: MLS Stella (10 GC legs)

Ears: 24.5

Des didn't show very much, but she was a very sweet and friendly doe.  She was a good mama.  She loved attention and wanted to be right in the middle of whatever I was doing.  She was the only bun I had from Stella. 

Des developed Hydrometra after a false pregnancy.  Hydrometra is the 3rd most common uterine disease in rabbits.

My Little Sweetie's MuShu

Grand Champion Legs: 2

Broken Blue Doe

Born November 5, 2009

Crossed the Rainbow Bridge September 24, 2014

Sire: PCR Potato Bug (Fenton) 2 GC legs

Dam: FFR Lexi

Ears: 24.5

I instantly fell in love with MuShu.  She was the cutest little bun I had ever seen and I knew right away she would be staying with me.  She and her brother, Mojo, were kept from their litter.  MuShu had several litters and was an amazing mom.  Her biggest litter was 11.  She had retained a kit and ended up with pyometra.. quite severe.  I thought I would lose her then, but she pulled through after a long recovery.  I had her spayed and decided to create a Retirement Villa for her to live in with her love, PCR Toby.  The two of them lived a happy married life of snuggling and grooming eachother and digging in the dirt.  She passed away just shy of 5 years old.  I miss her dearly. 



~ Fenton ~

PCR's Potato Bug

Grand Champion Legs: 2

Broken Opal Buck, Sr.


Sire: Big Ole Ears Charger

Dam: Jitter Bug

DOB: Dec 8, 2008

Weight: 13 lbs

Ear Length: 24.5 x 5.5  inches

Fenton was my original herd buck.  He had great type and threw the most gorgeous deep blues and long beautiful ears!  His sire was 4th in his class at the 2008 ARBA Convention!  His offspring have been very successful on the show tables, most with lots and lots of Grand Champion legs.  Sadly, Fenton passed away at 5 1/2 years old.  He was my favorite old boy and I miss him dearly. 


5-8-10 Yreka, CA

Show A: BOSB! of 4

Show B: BOSB! of 4

Specialty: BOSV of 2

6-6-09 Gridley



5-9-09  Siskiyou R & C Club, Yreka

Show A: BOV, BOSB!

Show A: BOV, BOSB!


My Little Sweetie's Lucky Mojo


Grand Champion Legs: 6

Solid Opal Buck, Sr.


Sire: PCR Potato Bug (Fenton) 2 GC legs

Dam: FFR Lexi

DOB: November 5, 2009

Gone: February 14, 2013

Weight: 13.5

Ears: 27 inches

Mojo was beautifully balanced with excellent bone, ears, and type.  He was the sweetest boy ever.. big kissable face, such a love!  I miss you :(


5-7-11 Stockton, CA

Show B: BOSV!  GC leg #6!

4-1-11 Pear Blossom, Central Point, OR

Specialty: 3rd of 7

Show A: 3rd of 8

1-15-11 Santa Rosa, CA

Show A: BOSV! and 1st of 5 SSB, GC Leg #5

5-8-10 Yreka, CA

Show B: BOV! of 5, GC Leg #3

Specialty: BOB! of 7, GC Leg #4

3-27-10 Red Bluff

Show B: BOSB!

2-27/28-10 California State Convention, Turlock, CA

Show A: BOSB! GC Leg #1

Lop Specialty:  1st in class

Show B: 1st in class

Show C: BOB! GC Leg #2


~ Clouseau ~

Blue Tort Doe


DOB: June 14, 2008

crossed the Rainbow Bridge on July 11, 2012

Weight: 11 lbs

Ear: 23 x 5 inches

Clouseau was a sweet and loving bunny and an excellent mother.  She is mother and grandmother to many beautiful champion rabbits.. Leyenda, Peaches, and Isabelle to name a few.  She and her sister, Lexi, were my first English Lops.  Our family loved her dearly and she is greatly missed. 

 You can see more pictures of Clouseau here.


8-28-09 Trinity County Fair

Show A:  BOB! 1 of 4

Best in Show!! 1 of 20

6-6-09 Gridley

Show A: BOV 1 of 2, BOB 1 of 3

Show B: BOV 1 of 2, BOB 1 of 3


 ~Gandalf the Gray~

Grand Champion Legs: 1

Smoke Pearl Chinchilla Buck, Sr.


Sire: RVR Moonlight Hotrodder (Yeti)

Dam: MLS MuShu (2 GC legs)

DOB: October 3, 2010

Gone: April 13, 2012

Ears: 24.5"

Gandalf was a very energetic and playful bun.  He loved to try to trip unsuspecting people.  He would run over your feet when you weren't looking and then look up at you wanting to play.  He is greatly missed :(



My sweet, talking bunny

Grand Champion Legs: 5

Solid Cream Doe


Sire: MLS Bailey (5 GC legs)

Dam: FFR Clouseau

DOB: May 5, 2010

Gone: October 8, 2011

Ears:  26" x 5.5"

Leyenda was a grunpy girl, she loves to tell you all about it and people were always surprised by how vocal she was.  She was a sweetheart during snuggle time and loved to be held.  Leyenda was also absolutely gorgeous.  Thank God I have Stella, her baby.  Stella is beautiful, just like her mom :)


12-12-10 Red Bluff, CA

Show C: 1st of 9?  5th GC leg!

 10-24-10 San Francisco, CA

Show B: BOB! and Honorable mention for RIS! 3rd GC leg!

Show D: BOB! 4th GC leg!

10-10  Albany, OR

2 GC legs!



Big mama bun

Solid Cream Doe


DOB: June 14, 2008

Crossed the Rainbow Bridge Summer 2011

Weight: 11.5 lbs

Ear Length: 23 1/2 inches

Lexi came from great lines and had gorgeous babies.  She had two litters and both were 10 babies!  They are always big and fat and beautiful!  She was an excellent mother.  Lexi loved to be held and frequently slept on me while I watched TV.. such a big sweetheart!

Lexi lived with Heather Kilber and her family in Southern California for the last year. 

Lexi babies:  Lucky Mojo - GC with 6 legs

Bailey - GC 5 legs

Bella - BIS Clark County Fair at 4 months

MuShu - 2 legs at 6 months



Sweet, beautiful girl - we miss you

Gold Tipped Opal Steel Doe

Born: March 18, 2009

Gone: August 18, 2009










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